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WIND, a private company founded 1984 by Ulrich Kaemper, a member of AIIP, DGI and EIRENE, offers fast and reliable information from online databases and the Internet, as well as document delivery services from special libraries. WIND's professional researchers also perform consulting in information and knowledge management fields. The seminar program includes introductions to online databases as well as advanced workshops in databse and Internet searching. You'll find our current seminar program when you click here.

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INFORMATION for and about


  • Aerospace industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Business information
  • Chemistry including structure formula search
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Company information esp. European countries
  • Environmental information
  • Food technology, ingredients and functional food
  • Gene technology
  • Legal information
  • Market observation, analysis and trends
  • Material characteristics
  • Medicine
  • Patents and utility models
  • Technology
  • Toxicology
  • Trademarks
  • etc.

Information is available in the form of facts, figures and formulas as well as bibliographies or full text.



In addition to group seminars in our WIND Training Center in the city of Cologne, WIND offers training-on-the-job which includes solutions to specific tailored problems.

Our program offers seminars on:

  • Use of indexed online-databases
  • Use of the Internet as an information source
  • Quality management for information services
  • Chemical information
  • Patent information
  • Environmental information
  • etc.



Innovative companies are increasingly dependent on up-to-date quality information on their route to success. Professional information specialists help determine the winner in the race to the top.

  • Information management
  • Technology transfer
  • Communication Consulting
  • Inhouse databases

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